What’s Baking roundup – croissants

Hi everyone – I am so excited to be hosting our What’s Baking group this month. I decided that rather than focus on a single ingredient for our baking adventures this time, I wanted to choose a challenging baked good. Croissants have been on my baking bucket list for a long time, and I never had an excuse to make them… until now.

Honestly, croissants were much easier to make than I expected. I figured that they would be extremely difficult, with a finicky dough and next-to-impossible instructions. In reality, the hardest part was waiting for the dough to chill. If you can roll dough and fold it in thirds, then you can make croissants.

Sadly, only a few ladies were able to participate in the challenge. Let’s see how they fared, shall we?

Nicole of Cookies on Friday made these gorgeous croissants. She used a cool technique where the butter and dough were processed together rather than created separately. I must try this soon!

Jaida of Sweet Beginnings made prosciutto and fontina croissants. I love that these are savory and have both (fancy) ham and cheese! Swoon.

And finally, here are my homemade croissants:

Although we did not have a lot of participants this time, I hope this post inspires all of you to try your hand at making croissants. It does take a bit of time, but most of that is spent waiting for your dough to get cold.

Bon appetit!


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