Veggie garden

My HOA does not allow homeowners to have gardens in our yards. I don’t know if they deemed gardens to be unruly, smelly, or something else, but they are prohibited.

Because of this rule, I have not been inclined to grow my own food. I’ve tried growing some Chinese chives in a little planter, but I only got a few harvests in before they petered out.

Recently, a company called Vegega reached out to me about their raised (planter) beds and asked if I’d be interested in trying them. I researched them online and saw that they had some amazing reviews for their products. Excitedly, I responded back and said that I’d be interested in learning more.

My new friends at Vegega sent me two planter kits. They were 17” high (which hopefully will keep out the pesky bunnies that run rampant in our neighborhood). And they had several panels that I could customize to fit the length I needed.

My in-laws drove to visit us one recent weekend, and my super handy father-in-law helped both my husband and I assemble the raised beds. The men went to Lowe’s several times to buy some potting soil and dirt while my mother-in-law and I started prepping some seeds for germination.

We assembled two raised beds – one that was smaller (for some Chinese veggies I am hoping to grow) and a larger one for the cherry tomatoes, peppers and spinach I am going to plant one my seedlings have sprouted.

I placed the two raised beds on the landscaping by our outdoor patio. Since I didn’t technically dig into our lawn, I am hoping I am not violating any HOA rules. I guess that I could always migrate the beds into our stone patio as a backup.

I am super excited about my potential veggie garden. My mom used to grow vegetables (she had a green thumb like my in-laws) so I am hopeful that I will be able to as well. I’m a bit scared since I tend to be an over-waterer so please keep your fingers crossed for me!

I will continue to share my garden’s progress in the coming weeks (assuming there is progress!). In the meantime, I’d encourage you to check out Vegega’s products by using my referral link (the coupon code for 10% off is evabakes). Their raised beds were very easy to assemble, sturdy, and very attractive as well. My in-laws were super impressed with them and wanted some for themselves!

Note: I was given two raised beds by Vegega at no cost to me. The links in this post are affiliate links, and I may earn a commission based on the products you buy. Thank you for supporting my little blog.

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