Top 10 Posts of 2021

As I do every year, these are the top 10 posts here on Eva Bakes from 2021. It’s always fun and interesting to see what recipes you all have enjoyed or wanted to make.

Ready? Here we go!

10. Lilikoi (passionfruit) bars: I love lilikoi, and I’m happy to see that this made the list! I hope more and more people start to love passionfruit as much as I do!

passionfruit bars

9. Mascarpone cream filled croissants: I’m still looking for the official recipe from Hoffmann’s in Barcelona. Please let me know if you have access to it or can share the recipe with me! I still dream about this at least once a week.

mascarpone cream filled croissant

8. Hawaiian malasadas: I cannot wait to go back to Hawaii and stuff my face full of Leonard’s malasadas. Until then, I will make them at home.

Hawaiian malasadas

7. Italian ricotta cheesecake: My sister-in-law shared this recipe from me. Her Italian grandmother got this from a friend, and it’s definitely Italian grandmother approved.

Italian ricotta cheesecake

6. Fudgy 4 egg white brownies: What to do after making ice cream (with egg yolks)? Make these brownies with the leftover whites, of course!

Fudgy 4 egg white brownies

5. Guava cake: Another underrated flavor is guava. I’ve been enjoying guava-flavored treats (and guava fruit) since I was little. I loved this cake and want to make more guava desserts!

guava cake

4. Copycat Casey’s Taco Pizza: Fact-Midwesterners love their Casey’s taco pizza. Non-Midwesterners need to try this. I’ve had several people email me about this recipe and let me know how much they have enjoyed it. This pizza is a must-have anytime I visit the Midwest.

Copycat Casey's taco pizza

3. Hawaiian mango bread: Mango is one of my favorite fruits. I’m happy to see that this bread made the list!

Hawaiian mango bread

2. 4 egg yolk brioche bread: I make this bread a lot. It goes great with jam and makes a great French toast as well. If you’re looking for uses for the egg whites, look at #6 above!

4 egg yolk brioche bread

1. Chinese Bakery-Style Cake: One of my favorite recipes on my blog. This cake holds good memories for me, as I made it for my mom’s birthday one year when she came to my house for Thanksgiving (which is around her birthday). I miss her dearly, and This cake reminds me of her and the time we spent baking this together.

chinese bakery style cake

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