Top 10 posts of 2020

What a year it’s been! I’m sure most of you will agree with me that we are more than happy to see this year end. As I do every year, I am sharing the top 10 posts here on Eva Bakes, as viewed by you all. Thanks as always for visiting me on my little blog, and I can’t wait to bake some more yumminess in 2021. Happy New Year!

10. Hawaiian malasadas – One of my all-time favorite treats from the Hawaiian islands

hawaiian malasadas

9. Honey butter croissants from Hop’s restaurants – Yes, this is the official recipe from Hop’s restaurants!

hops honey butter croissants

8. 8 egg yolk challah bread – I love me some challah. This would be great for French toast or even bread pudding!

8 egg yolk challah bread

7. Guava cake – Yes – another Hawaiian based dessert!

guava cake

6. Harry Potter’s treacle fudge – Hagrid would be proud.

harry potter's treacle fudge

5. Hawaiian mango bread – Because who doesn’t love Hawaiian sweets?!

Hawaiian mango bread

4. 4 egg yolk brioche bread – a super fluffy brioche that’s great for French toast

4 egg yolk brioche bread

3. 6 egg yolk cookies – if you don’t own an ice cream maker and want some decadent cookies, make these!

6 egg yolk cookies

2. Fudgy 4 egg white brownies – an awesome way to use up egg whites after making ice cream!

Fudgy 4 egg white brownies

1. Chinese bakery-style cake – my mom’s favorite!

chinese bakery style cake


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