Skating Fridays

Some Progress

The skating competition I entered is slowly sneaking up on me. We are less than two months away until the big day, and I still have lots to practice. I’m excited to report that my cannonball (sit) spin has improved. I’m now hitting about 10 revolutions each time and am able to stand up afterwards.

The lutz jump has gotten to the point where I’m not quite as scared of it as I was two months ago. I used to be afraid of this jump because I never learned it correctly (until now). I’m adding a loop jump to the end since this combination is included in my Adult Gold freestyle program:

I’m trying to get my camel-back sit spin combination more consistent. My free leg tends to go to the side (rather than stay in front), so it throws me off my axis and I cannot hold the back sit. Coach S has me exiting out of this combination spin with two back power pulls into a back outside three turn. This is immediately preceding a very difficult footwork sequence on the same leg. Ahhh!

The axel has improved slightly. What I need to keep working on is getting a quicker rotation. I need to begin the rotation almost as soon as my toe pick hits the ice and keep pulling my arms in. This jump happens shortly after the cannonball spin, so I have been trying to practice this entire section of my program together.

And finally, the death drop spin has also made some slight improvements. My free leg is still bent, so I need to work on straightening it and getting a better snap into the back sit spin. The back sit itself has gotten lower, so that makes me happy. Eventually I hope to do this from a forward inside three turn, but we will see about that. Here are two videos that were shot back-to-back.

I’m happy with the progress I’ve made to date and hope that things continue to improve before the competition.


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