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Competition Recap – Duet and Dramatic Events

Being silly with my duet partner

I’m back again this week to recap my remaining 2 events: the duet and dramatic programs.

My skating partner and I finished choreographing our duet the day before the competition. We hadn’t had much time to rehearse together and had our first full run-through the day the competition began. Oops.

Despite our last-minute efforts, we are so used to skating together that things went off without a hitch. We skated to a 2-song medley of the theme songs from The Impossibles and Men in Black. We had squirt guns and sunglasses as our costume accessories and had a blast skating with them.

I’m trying to get my hands on a copy of the video and will share that if and when I do. One of the judges kept laughing at us, so I was happy to see that he thought we were entertaining. We were the only competitors in our event and placed 1st (side note: even though we had no other groups skating against us, it is possible to earn 2nd place and lose to the rule book. This is a true story and has happened at our rink.).

I skated my dramatic program to Sarah McLachlan’s Angel. I’ve had this program for a year but did not skate it last year at this competition because of my knee injury. It placed well regionally and nationally this season but apparently did not resonate with the local judges this time. I emoted as much as I could and this group of judges preferred programs that were much more upbeat than slow and lyrical. I placed 2nd out of 2.

Ending pose for my Angel program

This was my final performance of the Angel program. It’s bittersweet because I created it to pay respect and homage to my grandfather, whom I lost a year and a half ago. And in the time that I’ve performed this program, I have lost several other loved ones and have dedicated my performances to them.

I am working on a new and completely different dramatic entertainment program and plan on debuting it at the next competition – whenever that will be.

So all in all, I had a great time hanging out with my adult skating friends, but I was disappointed in myself. I hope to take this energy and channel it towards better and stronger performances in the future.

And one more line from Rachel Platten’s Fight Song for you all:

“I might only have one match, but I can make an explosion”


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