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Meeting Gracie Gold

Last week I was traveling for work. I did some research ahead of time and saw that there were a few rinks nearby. I was able to pay for some early morning freestyles online and decided to practice before my long day of meetings began.

I had heard through the grapevine that 2-time National Champion, Gracie Gold, was currently in the area. I was hoping that I would have the pleasure of running into her.

As my morning practice wound down, I had just about given up hope when in walked Gracie. She was there to coach a skater, and I nervously asked her if she would be willing to snap a photo with me. She was very soft-spoken and kind, and she happily obliged. I was so ecstatic to have met Gracie, as she continues to inspire me and other skaters around the world.

The next morning, I practiced at the same rink. I met an adult skater while putting on my skates and Gracie walked in again. We got to chatting a little bit, and I asked her if she enjoyed coaching. She said she did, but the early morning hours were a bit rough. She commented that she enjoyed meeting and talking to adult skaters. This made my day.

After that, I completely fangirled and asked her to sign my travel skating bag. Again, she graciously agreed.

Meeting her was an honor and privilege, and I wish her well on her skating and life journeys.  Gracie, if you happen to be reading this (one can wish, right?), thank you for being so kind to an adult skater like me. We are cheering you on and hope you can overcome whatever challenges you may be facing. You are an inspiration, and I wish nothing but the best for you. And please keep your snarkiness going on your twitter feed!

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