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Bronze Pairs Test (Video)

I know you’ve all been eagerly anticipating this… here is the video from our Adult Bronze Pairs test. A few things to note here:

  1. I technically did not need this test in order to skate pairs. The USFS rules grandfather me in to either Silver or Gold Pairs since I have passed my Gold Freestyle. I am only allowed to compete in Silver or Gold Pairs (not Bronze).
  2. My partner needed this test in order to compete pairs. He has passed his Bronze Freestyle and is currently working on Silver Freestyle. If he passed this test, then he could skate either Bronze or Silver Pairs. Since I’m unable to skate Bronze Pairs, we would have to compete at Silver Pairs together.
  3. Surprisingly, I was not a bit nervous for this test at all. I viewed this as a “fun” test so the results honestly didn’t matter to me. Maybe that’s why I had so much fun with this and tried to up my presentation.
  4. We had the option to skate this test twice – once for a score for me, and once for my partner. We opted to skate only one time and to receive the same score. I didn’t know testing twice was even an option!
  5. My partner choreographed this program two weeks before our test. I’d say he did a pretty good job (we enlisted the help of a skater friend who outlined the beginning of it for us but she had to back out due to other commitments).

We passed from all 3 judges. Two of the judges passed us 0.1 over – this extra tenth of a point was based on our presentation. Some comments included “great salchows!” “you skated to the music” “good unison” and “good choreo.”We had a little bit of a fumble on the ending pivot spiral but were able to save it.

We’re not sure what our next steps are – maybe we’ll try to test Silver Pairs at some point or even put together a Silver program, but we have a long way to go before either of those things happen. There Silver Pairs couples across the country, and we are nowhere close to being competitive against those teams at the moment.

Without further adieu, I present to you our Bronze Pairs program!

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