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Falling before test day

There’s a skating superstition that says you’ll have good luck if you fall before your test. For me, this has been true. Even my coaches know this as well. Usually about a week or two before my skating test, I take a hard fall on something silly.  Once I fell on a mohawk. Another time I fell in someone else’s crater (a huge hole in the ice from a triple jump). I’m pretty sure I fell just gliding on two feet once.

This week, I fell on a 3-turn.

I can’t even tell you how many 3-turns I’ve done in my life. They’re essentially part of me, and falling on that was very unexpected and silly.  I was running my Gold freestyle program and just landed a falling leaf jump (a requirement on the test that I didn’t previously have in my program, so this was a new addition). After I came out of the falling leaf, I did a 3-turn to get into my sit spin. And that is where I went down.

Thankfully, that fall didn’t hurt, but I told people that I’ve had my obligatory fall before a test. It gets the nerves out of the way before the big day, so now I should be good to go.

Less than a week to go before the test. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I have some good news to share with you all next week.


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