Skating Fridays

Flappy Arms

I’ve been re-watching my video from Sectionals and can’t help but notice that I have a serious case of flappy arms. I can hit choreographed arm positions with no problem, but during transitions, my arms are everywhere and look horrible.

Again, I attribute this to my gymnastics training and lack of dance. In gymnastics, we had to strike a few poses here and there and then go straight into our elements. We didn’t really have any arm poses for transitions (at least none that I can remember). And since I never took dance lessons, I don’t have the pretty, balletic arms.

I’m looking to fix all of this. For this next season, I am working with a new choreographer and hope that she can help me add some deliberate arm positions throughout the program and in transitions. I’m also taking some dance classes to help with my posture, carriage and arms.

I don’t expect to see changes overnight but at least I’m addressing the issues to improve. I’ll try to check in every once in a while to let you all know how things are coming along. Hopefully you’ll see a big difference by the end of the year.


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