Skating Fridays


Last week was very frustrating. I’ve been running my new freestyle program pretty consistently but was still ending about 5 seconds late (even after the changes my choreographer made). Either I’m skating too slow or there are still too many transitional elements.

On top of that, I haven’t made any progress on getting the double salchow more consistent. The opposite is now happening – it’s getting worse. I’m always landing forward and doing a 3-turn checkout. My takeoff is fine, but I am missing the “snap” and not rotating all the way through the ice.

Finally, I took a hard fall during a warmup exercise. Two of the coaches skated over to me since I hadn’t gotten up after a minute. I fell during a mohawk and landed on my left knee.

It’s been a difficult week at practice, but I guess things can only improve from here. Although I’m grateful that I have the ability to participate in this sport, I hope that things turn around soon.

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