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My New Freestyle Program {Video}

In honor of my birthday tomorrow, I wanted to finally share my new freestyle program. This has been a work in progress since May. I hired a new choreographer to work with this season. I’ve been working diligently on my presentation and attempting to show more emotion.

I’ve skated this program twice so far, both in exhibitions. Both of those performances were flawed – I sat down on my ending spin the first time and I was shaky and unstable the 2nd time. This was my third performance, and dare I say that this was the best skating performance that I have given, of any kind, to date.

I warmed up some basic spins and jumps beforehand and they felt fine. I’ve been using a new training method for my axel (I should write an entire post on this, so more to come). I am happy to report that this was the first time that I have landed a clean axel in a performance in front of an audience. That, my friends, is a huge accomplishment.

Yes, I have lots of things here and there that still need improvement (hello, basic backwards crossovers), but overall, this was eons better than how I have been skating to date. The skating director came up to me afterwards and said that I did really well and she was surprised at how much I have improved. I’ll take it.

So, my friends, here is my new freestyle program. I am finally ready to show it to you since I am proud of this performance. The music, in case you are wondering, is a medley from Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Star Wars. It is performed (shockingly) by The Carpenters. I hope you enjoy this.

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