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Goals for Adult Nationals

I can hardly believe that Adult Nationals is next week. We finally finished choreographing my brand-new freestyle program, and what better venue to premiere it than at Nationals? I honestly have no expectations for getting on the podium in Boston since: 1) I am very new to my skating level, and 2) there are 17 (!!) ladies skating in my event. But, I still have goals for Nationals. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Skate a clean program and end on time
  • Land a clean axel jump combination (still haven’t decided on axel-toe or axel-loop)
  • Hit all of my spins and earn positive GOEs and/or attain Level 2 spins on all or most of them
  • Earn 20+ points for my IJS program (I scored 18.10 points at my first competition)
  • Meet other adult skaters (some of you, perhaps?) and make new friends
  • Get inspired by watching more elite skaters
  • Meet Paul Wylie (my hero since middle school)
  • Have fun!

Are you going to Adult Nationals in Boston? What are your goals while there?  If you are going, please send me an email so we can meet up – I’d also love to cheer for you during your skate(s)! You can find my contact info on the envelope icon on the upper right-hand corner of this page.


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