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New Jump Combinations

I’ve been working on adding a few new jump and spin combinations to my repertoire to gear up for Adult Nationals in April. For combination jumps in the IJS scoring system, the values of each individual jump are added together. So, if you do a 3-jump combo, all three values are added together for the combination’s total value. For the Adult Gold level, we are allowed three separate jump combinations, one of which can consist of 3 jumps. The others may only have two.  I’ve been practicing an axel-toe loop-loop combination, which you can see here.

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

I’m not sure if this will actually go in my program yet, so we are also toying with a lutz-toe loop-loop combination as well. We’ll have to see which combination is the most consistent before we make a final decision.

Next week I’ll share some spin combinations that I’ve been working on.


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