Skating Fridays

Prepping for Competition

My home rink is getting ready to host its annual competition next month, and I’ve been trying to prepare myself for my freestyle program. Here’s what’s been going on…

Program run-throughs: When freestyle practice sessions aren’t too busy, I’ve been running my programs. I’ve only had one clean run-through to date, which makes me a bit nervous. Occasionally I will do a double run-through with about 30-60 seconds in between them so I get used to performing tired.

Hair and makeup: A skating friend helped me with a new look for this year’s freestyle program. We tried to accentuate some areas of my face that should hopefully help with the presentation.

Dress: My new dress is done and I also added some more stones to it. I can’t wait to share it with you all it!

Spins: I have one new spin that I am debuting in the program. The other two are variations of spins from previous programs. If future practices go well, I’d like to add in new difficult variations.

This competition is very early in the season and will hopefully give me a good baseline to work off of. I’m hoping to achieve my peak once March and April roll around so I can do well at Sectionals (and potentially Nationals if I go).

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