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Just a bit behind

There are a few things that I’m a bit behind on this week. I didn’t get to practice because we’ve been away on vacation, so this post is late. We just got our mail, so there is a week’s worth of mail to sift through. Laundry needs to be done, and flowers need to be watered.

Another thing I’m behind on is my music for my Adult Gold freestyle program. I attended a freestyle session last weekend before we left on vacation and ran through my program for the first time. I had played my music beforehand and envisioned my program while I was listening to the recording, so I mentally knew where I need to be on the ice.

Unfortunately, when I ran through my program, I was behind. About 5-10 seconds behind, which is a pretty big deal. Even though I cut out a few elements (mainly in my footwork, which was a bit too complicated and slowing me down), I was off from the very beginning. My spins are taking longer than expected and throwing off the rest of the program’s flow.

Thankfully I did catch up at the end and got all my required elements in before the music ended, but I felt very rushed. Now that we are back in town, I will be sure to try and run through my program at least once a week. I have less than a month before competition day, so it’s time to play catch up and be fully prepared.

How do you prepare for a competition when you feel behind?


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