Skating Fridays

Better, Faster, Stronger

Coach B reviewed my protocols from the last competition and noticed something. I got called for a flutz – boo! She changed the entrance to my lutz and I have not flutzed since. While she was tinkering around with that jump entrance, she also noticed that overall, I was actually skating much faster than I was a few months ago. Because of that, my existing transitions didn’t flow well and needed to be changed.

She made some revisions to a few other patterns, and when I showed them to my choreographer, she was shocked at how much faster I was going. We reviewed my freestyle program together and she changed a few more things because I was covering a lot more ice (with fewer strokes). I’m getting better, I’m skating faster, and I’m a stronger skater. Progress!

We’re working on a few new spins and refining some jumps to consider for my freestyle program as well. I need to maximize my points under the IJS system and cannot afford to have any more “dashes of doom” (zero points).

And my new dramatic program is coming along nicely too. I skated it for my choreographer last week and she noticed a huge improvement from the week before. We’re only about 30 seconds in, so we have another minute or so to go in terms of mapping out the program. This new program will be drastically different from the Angel one, and I am excited to debut it. The kids at the rink light up when they hear the music and always look around to see who is skating to it. Hello – old person over here!

Oh, and I am pleased to report that my pulled quadriceps muscle seems to have finally healed itself. I’m not quite sure what triggered it, but I’ll be careful not to do anything too strenuous to set it off again.

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