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Injury Week

You remember how I tend to fall down before a competition? Well, I am definitely keeping up with that tradition because I fell a lot this week. But let me clarify – I fell on nothing out of the ordinary, and the falls were pretty normal for me. I attempted a few double jumps and obviously failed. Usually, this is no big deal to me.

Until I finished my practice on Tuesday.

I sat down on the bench to take my skates off and was in excruciating pain. My entire lower back throbbed. I couldn’t bend over to untie my skates. When I got in the car, it hurt to sit down in the driver’s seat.

I attempted to stretch out my back gently once I got home and then took some ibuprofen. The medicine helped some, but my back hurt again the next morning. The timing of this injury is horrible since I am competing tomorrow in 3 events.

Another injury I sustained this week was on my right foot. I was putting Addie to bed one evening when her bed suddenly collapsed and landed on my foot. My husband was in there with me, and I yelled, “My foot!” He quickly propped the bed up so I could remove my foot from underneath. I was afraid that it was broken, but I could wiggle my toes and put weight on my foot. I had a nasty bruise the next day but my bones were thankfully OK.

So that’s 2 injuries during competition week. Well, make that 3 if you want to count the cut I accidentally gave myself while cleaning my kitchen knife.

I’m hoping that I met my injury quota for the year and that my body stays healthy for the next 12 months. I’ll report back soon with results from the competition… assuming that I am healthy enough to skate.


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