Skating Fridays

A Quick Look Back

Skating is such a frustrating sport at times. As Coach B says, progress is measured in millimeters, and you will not see results right away. Through lots of hard work, diligent practicing (and many inevitable falls), you should make progress.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember where I started from. One skater at my rink likes to comment about how my skating is “magic” and that elements appear easy for me. What he doesn’t know are the number of hours I’ve practiced and how many bruises and other injures I’ve endured along the way. Magic isn’t what caused my progress – but if you happen to find a magic wand, please let me borrow it (paging Mr. double salchow)!

It’s important to remember that skating is a journey. I’ve struggled with many elements, particularly the axel. This element took me a full year of practice before I landed one. Several years later, it’s finally made some improvements.

I thought it would be fun and eye-opening to see how this jump has progressed throughout the years. I hope you enjoy this short journey back on memory lane with me.

Here is an axel attempt (I fell on this one) from 2013, so it was only 3 years ago.

And here is one from last week (September 2016). What a difference 3 years makes!

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