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Revamping My Freestyle Program

Last week, I mentioned that I would be skating to a different dramatic program this upcoming season. While I am keeping my freestyle music, we will be making significant revisions to it. I identified the challenges I had with last season’s freestyle program:

  • I felt like I was always rushing; therefore, I didn’t take my time on elements and finish each movement
  • There wasn’t enough time allocated for my spins; therefore, I’d rush through the rest of the program in order to fit everything else
  • The choreographic step sequence made me feel choppy and did not flow well for my skating style (I’m sure a more seasoned skater would be able to make this look effortless, but it made me look like I was tripping on myself)
  • I wasn’t fully using all the crescendos and musical cues to emote and project to the audience when it was appropriate

Because of these issues, I am going to work with my coach and choreographer to come up with a new strategy for this season’s program. I would like to cut down on the number of steps/transitions so I can take my time and perform my story. I also need to increase the time I have on my spins, and I need to completely redo the footwork section so it’s less choppy.

We’ll see how this refreshed program turns out – I’m excited at the possibilities and hope that with all the changes I’m making to the layout and with my improved skating skills, that this upcoming year will be a very memorable one.

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