Skating Fridays

My skating journey

Many people have asked how I got into figure skating or how long I have been skating. I figures that it would be fun to tell you all my skating story and what got me started.

In fourth grade, one of my classmates had a birthday party at an ice rink. I distinctly remember being very proud I myself for only falling 5 times that day. After that, I asked my mom to enroll me in lessons.

I participated in a Learn to Skate program on Saturday mornings that was organized in the ISI system. We also did ice dance. I passed through ISI freestyle 4 and ice dance 3 before I went to high school. At that point I had to make a decision since band conflicted with skating. I chose to stick with flute and postpone skating. In college, I did not have a car so I didn’t get to skate then.

After college graduation, I picked up skating again but only sporadically. I was involved in some team sports at work so I only skated in the winter. One of the coaches at the rink made fun of me for this but thought I showed promise. He asked me to take lessons with him.

Several years later, I agreed and also skated year round. That is when I got serious. I didn’t start testing until fairly recently since I had no desire to compete (I was a competitive gymnast back in the day and did not miss the competition aspect at all).

And here I am today. You can find me at the rink about 3 times a week. I take one half hour lesson each week and mostly focus on freestyle.

I hope to keep skating as long as possible. Hopefully that will be when I am well into my 80s or 90s!


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