Skating Fridays

New spin combinations

I’m working on switching up my spin combinations for my program so I can gain more points in the IJS scoring system. At Nationals, I received credit for a Level 2 sit spin (whoo hoo!) but my other two spin combinations only received base value.  I’d like to have at least two leveled spins so I can increase my point total and become a more competitive Gold level skater.

Here are two spins that I am working on. The first spin is a camel into a death drop with a pancake variation. With the jump in the middle of the spin and a pancake position, I am hoping to receive two features so this would be a level 2 combination spin.

The second spin is my Level 2 spin (sit spin into cannonball into back tuck) but with a difficult entry added – an illusion. If I hit this right, my coach and I think that I can get this counted as a Level 3 sit spin.

I’m not sure what I will do for my 3rd spin yet, but hopefully we will decide on something soon so I can keep practicing it.

Happy skating!


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