Skating Fridays


Non-skaters often ask the question, “What is it about skaters and their sparkles? Why must you put rhinestones on everything?”

The answer is: “Why not?”

Think about it – most ice surface are white. Skaters need to wear costumes that show up well against that bright white background, and if they are skating with spotlights on, it’s even harder to see what they are wearing.

This is where the sparkles come in.

Rhinestones make costumes stand out. They add a bit of flair, or character, to what would otherwise be a normal and boring outfit. We skaters like to feel special, and some sparkles remind us of brilliant and shiny diamonds that twinkle on the ice.

I shared via the Eva Bakes Facebook page a photo of some skates that I saw at a skating competition earlier this year. The skater, who is now a friend of mine, added over 1600 Swarovski crystals to her boots. They were breathtaking. Of course, I wanted to do the same, but my skating isn’t quite up to the same level as her. So I did the next best thing and only partially bedazzled my skates:

I bought various sizes of Swarovski crystals and used industrial strength glue (E-6000) to adhere them to my boots. I added these stones to the outsides of my boots, so the photo you see above contains all the sparkles on my skating boots. I used about 200 stones to accomplish this feat.

If I ever get to a higher level of skating (meaning that I am consistently landing doubles and placing well at competitions), then I may consider adding more sparkles to my boots. Until then, this is all I feel that I have earned.

So what do you think about my newly bedazzled skating boots?


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