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Adult Gold Freestyle program elements

Coach S is in the midst of choreographing my Adult Gold Freestyle program. Because it will be judged via the IJS system, there are lots of things we have to factor in to gain additional points.  I’m having a hard time figuring out which 3 spins I want to include.  I know that swapping out spins is fairly easy, but I’d still like to quickly finalize which three I will use so I can do some hard-core practicing on the selected spins. Plus, once I finalize my spins, I can ask Coach B to help me perfect them and get them competition-ready.

So far, this is what we are thinking for the spins and the things I need to work on for each:

  • Cannonball (sit) – for at least 8 revolutions. I need to work on consistently hitting the 8 revolutions. Sometimes I get 6-7 and then lose my balance and fall on my heel. I also need to condition myself so I stop getting so dizzy afterwards. This is much easier said than done.
  • Death drop – I’m actually just learning this spin and am working on the preparation exercises. I can hit a flying camel, but since it’s hard to achieve (and receive credit for) features on a flying camel, we decided to nix it and change it into a death drop. Coach B thinks the death drop will be easy once I understand the mechanics. After it’s fairly comfortable, I may add a twist on the back sit in order to gain an additional feature.
  • Camel/broken leg/attitude – I need to work on the transition between the three spins and ensure that I hit 3 revolutions for each (technically, I only need 2, but I want to focus on achieving 3). The broken leg position needs to be nice and low, which I am still working to get.

For my maximum of 5 jump elements (of which no more than 3 can be combinations or sequences), I will probably end up doing:

  • Axel – Need to focus on jumping up and out instead of pre-rotating.
  • Lutz – Must get rid of the flutz!
  • Lutz/toe loop – Ditto above. Once I can get the lutz more comfortable, I should be able to easily add the toe loop at the end.
  • Flip – I need to work on landing on less of a curve since Coach S has me holding the landing for 3 counts, and then doing a back outside three turn out of it (for bonus points to show control).
  • Loop – We’ll see about this one. Maybe I’ll switch this out for something a bit more challenging or doing a combination. I had talked to Coach S about doing a walley, but it’s not an official jump, so I wouldn’t get credit for it. Bummer.

I’ll let you all know what I end up including as part of my program, and once the choreography is done, I’ll try to videotape a practice of the run-through.

Here are two attempts (one not successful) at the death drop spin walkthrough exercise.

Unsuccessful attempt

Successful attempt, though not 100% correct 

And just for fun, here are two separate attempts at the flying camel, but from a standstill.

Until next Friday!


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