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Happy Black Friday! Are you guys planning on braving the malls or shopping centers to get some Black Friday deals? I might head over to the mall but am not one of those people that gets up early to beat the crowds. We usually stroll in around 11am or so.

I digress…

I’m off the ice this week to visit family for the holidays, but don’t doubt that I thought about bringing my skates! Things just got real because I finally pulled the trigger and registered for my first competition in 2015. Being the overambitious person I am, I registered for 3 separate events: freestyle, dramatic and a duet.

Since I have less than 2 months before the competition, I need to ramp up my training and run through my freestyle program at least once every freestyle session. I need to get all my music cues down and make sure I am ending the program on time. It’s been difficult running my program because the freestyle sessions have been very full lately (we recently had a test session that was so popular that the test coordinator had to book two days worth of ice time).

I have no idea how many skaters will be in my event(s), but my main area of focus for the Freestyle event is to skate a clean program and improve my score from Adult Nationals. My coach is especially curious to see if my presentation scores increase since I’ve been working hard on that area. The Dramatic and Duet events are mostly for fun, so I’m not too worried about those.

Time to get to training!


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