Skating Fridays

Needing More Room

I signed up to compete in our rink’s competition next month. I’m a bit ho-hum about it since it’s just me and another lady from our club competing against each other. While I am curious to see if my scores improve from Adult Nationals, I have to admit that I’m not completely motivated to skate my program.

I’m keeping my program from last season (“Mute girl theme” from Kung Fu Hustle), but we are switching around some of my elements. I started working on the program revisions with my choreographer last week and have some pleasantly surprising news to share with you all.

My choreographer asked me to skate the first third of my program so she could see how it was flowing. After I ran through it, she told me that we needed to move my starting position. Curious, I asked why. She said that I was pushing more so I needed more room to execute my elements. We kept most of the same transitions and added a few more so the program flowed better.

I’m so excited that my “going back to basics” training is paying off. Coach B has even noticed that I’m skating with my power and poise and looking less like a stereotypical adult skater. Progress!


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