Skating Fridays

New Choreography 

Hooray – the new choreography for my freestyle program is done! I worked with the same choreographer as last year’s program to make the updates. This year, we tried to make the steps a little easier and allow me to really s-t-r-e-t-c-h out my steps so they look effortless and less rushed.

Just for fun, I decided to map it out so I could see how much ice coverage I had (or didn’t have). One of the judges’ comments from last season was that I needed to fill up the rink more, so I am hoping that this year I am doing just that.

I am noticing that a lot of my movements are toward the middle of the ice, so when I approach the ends, I will really need to make an effort to fill out all of the corners.

The tentative elements are also listed on the photo above. Coach B and I may change these, depending upon how these are progressing.

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