Skating Fridays

An Update on Ballet and an Unexpected Compliment

Last summer I mentioned that I was taking ballet lessons to help with my performance. I’ve learned some tips throughout the months and noticed that my flexibility has increased as well. In fact, this is the most flexible I have been in my adult life. I have both of my front splits back and am working on regaining the center split.

Anyway, I ran my program during a lesson one afternoon. Afterwards, my coach and I chatted about how it went. She said that the elite male skater from the rink watched my entire program and mentioned that my performance was really good. He said that my presentation was better than most of the skaters at the rink, and that it was notable because I was an adult skater.

Wow – hearing this compliment from our elite male skater made my week. Knowing that my presentation is improving makes me seriously happy. My program still isn’t where I want it to be, but I have one more month until I first compete it and two months until Sectionals.

Time to ramp up the training.

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