Skating Fridays

Sparky Skates

Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of borrowing our department mascot from work. This furry little creature is a marmoset named Sparky. Each month, a new team gets to keep Sparky and take him on adventures. For my day, I obviously wanted to take him to the rink.

I got lots of weird looks from skaters and coaches when I put Sparky on the boards. People were wondering what I was doing with him so I had to explain that it was like a “Flat Stanley” assignment.

Sparky started off with a camel spin and did fairly well. He had a difficult time holding on so I moved on to jumps. We did a simple loop jump together and then graduated to an Axel. What was really interesting was that Sparky was a great training aid for me, as I had to hold him tight during the rotation so my arms wouldn’t fly open. Perhaps I’m onto something here…

Anyway, here is a short video with Sparky’s skating adventures!

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