Skating Fridays

Competition weekend!

This weekend is the big competition. I’m a bit excited and nervous at the same time. I need to remember to treat this like a flute audition, flute jury (a “final exam” where you perform your pre-selected piece) or regular music performance. As long as I continue to think positive thoughts, my body will know what to do. It’s well trained and knows how to perform all the jumps, spins and connecting footwork. It’s just muscle memory from here. I also need to remember to smile and have fun!

I am going in with little to no expectations on the Adult Gold program since this is my first competition as a singles skater. My hope is to get a baseline of my IJS scores to see if they are competitive enough to do well at Sectionals and Nationals.

The duet, on the other hand, should be a hoot. We are hoping to appeal to the judges and earn a place on the podium (we are competing against 3 other duets, including skaters on the standard testing track).

Fingers crossed that I do well. I’ll be back with an update – and hopefully some videos – next week. Or, you can follow me on Facebook, where I will probably post my results first.


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