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2015 Skating Goals

I have some pretty lofty skating goals in 2015.  I’ve been sharing these with my coach, skating friends and choreographer so they can all hold me accountable. I also want to share these with you so you can also make sure I’m working towards these goals.

Here they are, in no specific order:

  1. Earn higher PCS scores in my IJS programs (goal: at least 17 points)
  2. Place in the top 4 in the Gold Ladies event at Sectionals and qualify for the Championship Gold Ladies event at Adult Nationals
  3. Earn a total score of 28+ points in my IJS programs
  4. Add a double salchow to my skating repertoire (meaning that it’s consistently landed)
  5. Learn a double toe loop
  6. Learn a legitimate, non-adult version of a layback spin
  7. Continue to skate faster and with better power and flow
  8. Add more difficult spins to my repertoire and use them in programs

Is this do-able? Absolutely. I just need to remember that this is a journey and not a marathon.

If you are a skater, what are your 2015 skating goals?


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