Skating Fridays

Visit to Colorado Springs

We recently flew to Denver for a quick family vacation. While we were there, we had the opportunity to tour the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. The visitor center offered guided tours, which we definitely took advantage of.

While figure skaters didn’t live on the campus, they did highlight several of them in the introductory video. There was even a little section near the main building that talked about figure skating:

After the tour, we took a little side trip to the US Figure Skating headquarters. This was also the site of the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame. Unfortunately for us, it was closed the day we visited so we didn’t get to go inside. I did take a photo outside the building though:

Finally, we drove to Broadmoor, where many of the top skaters in the country train. They had two sheets of ice (lucky!) and top coaches there. While in the lobby, I saw Max Settlage but was too chicken to go speak to him. I snapped a photo while inside the rink even though there was a sign saying not to do so. Oops.

All in all, it was a fantastic visit to the town of Colorado Springs since I can now say that I’ve visited a few of our skating meccas. Next time I need to bring my skates!

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