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To test or not to test?

I know I’ve mentioned in some previous posts that I was trying to decide whether or not I want to skate at the Adult Gold level for freestyle. On one hand, it has been a goal of mine, and I already have one competition in the IJS system under my belt. On the other hand, I’m not sure if skating at Gold is realistic because I’m not sure if I would be competitive or not (meaning that I am not positive if my skating is up to par with the other women at Adult Gold).

After I got my results back, Coach B and I analyzed my scores and said that I am pretty much right on the cusp of where an Adult Gold skater should be. I probably skated a little more poorly because it was my first competition, and I didn’t have any experience with IJS, so my scores were lower. Not to mention the fact that I didn’t receive credit for my choreographic step sequence or axel jump. Had those counted, my scores would be pretty good.

I decided to go ahead and aim to test next month. In fact, today is D-Day (decision day). Coach B and I have been breaking down my axel to see how and why the judges viewed it as cheated, and we have some good answers. When I do an axel from a standstill, I inadvertently cheat the jump by taking off going backwards instead of forwards. Also, if you look at my tracings on the ice, you will see that my takeoff edge creates a “flag” (similar to a loop or salchow). This is an incorrect axel takeoff. Also, I land the jump about 1/4 turn cheated because my body opens up too early.

I have been focusing all my attention on this jump since it’s the only element that Coach B thinks will be in danger of failing for my test. I guess the good news is that the judges won’t have the luxury of having a video replay on test day, so I just need to make the jump look like it’s correct in order to get full credit. The test forms are due today, so we have until 5pm to decide if I am ready or not.

Keep your fingers crossed that Coach B gives me the green light to move forward on the test today.


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