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Recap from Sectionals – Part 3

With the freestyle event behind me, I had only one more event to go – the dramatic entertainment. I skated to Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk and had a blast. As all 6.0 events go, this particular event was going to be unpredictable. We had ladies like me performing fun, energetic pieces, while others had slow, lyrical ballads that they skated to.

I skated my heart out and really hammed it out for the judges and audience. I used many facial expressions and just had a good time. A few skaters came up to me afterwards to tell me how much they enjoyed my performance. That alone was worth it.

At the end of the day, the judges placed me in a tie for 4th place (out of 5). While I was disappointed in the result, it ended up being a good thing because every skater in our event walked away with a medal. I loved the fact that one person did not get excluded (medals are awarded to the top 4).

Those 6.0 events are hard to judge because it’s impossible to predict what the judges want to see that day. As I witnessed last year, my Angel program was not well-received at regional events but seemed to win the hearts of the judges at Adult Nationals.

No worries, though. I’m happy with how I skated at the competition and have a lot of positive energy going into the spring and summer. I am excited to work on new elements and perfect others. Hopefully by next season, I will be a new skater and make even more improvements.

Congrats to all my fellow skaters and competitors at your respective Sectionals. I won’t be joining you in Ann Arbor this year, but I will be cheering you on from afar.

And here is the video from my dramatic entertainment event.


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