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Change Edge Camel Spin Attempt

I’m back with yet another camel variation attempt! As I mentioned last week, I never thought that I’d be working on any type of camel spin variation since my base spin was inconsistent.

My spin coach introduced another variation to the camel spin, and I’ve been working on it, but not with too much success. This time, she wants me to work on a change of edge.

The trick is to get into the edge change very quickly after establishing the base camel. You have to feel like someone is grabbing you by the arm and pulling you so it forces you onto the outside edge.

I practice change edge upright spins and find that it helps me understand where my blade needs to be. It’s much harder in the camel position but I am trying my best.

I’ve only gotten about a quarter of a revolution on the outside edge, but it’s a start. Maybe by this time next year it will be a good spin for me.

And who knows what’s next? Butterfly entries? (Just kidding – I hope)

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