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Bobbe Shire Spin Clinic – Part 3: Final Thoughts

Here are a few additional notes that I took from the clinic.

  • The hardest thing about skating is putting your body in the right position at the right time. You essentially have 2 brains – one in your head and one in your body. Don’t listen to the “body brain” because it goes against the real brain.
  • For Step 2 of the spin (see previous week’s post), think of Newton’s law: You want the curve to get smaller for centrifugal force (“George”) to work. Feel the edge slice through the ice at an angle and press against the direction you’re going.
  • The camel spin is the only spin where you can’t swing your leg to get George
  • In IJS competitions, it’s better to execute an amazing spin than flub up a hard jump (for example, a CCoSp4 is worth 3.5 points whereas a Double Axel is only worth 3.3)
  • Anytime you change feet in a spin, you have to start over at Step 3 (the hook) again. Find George and pull in.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to learn from one of the greatest spin coaches in the country and hope that I can apply these techniques to my practices.

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