Skating Fridays

Pairs Upright Spin

The pairs spin has been giving my pairs partner and I a lot of trouble. We’ve tried different spins (camel, sit, etc) but nothing seems to be working. The part that is the most difficult for us is the entry. We’re not getting enough speed on the ‘hook’ of the spin, and as a result, the spin dies very quickly. We started off with a pairs spin in the Killian position (where we are side by side and I am on a forward outside edge while my partner is on a back inside edge).

We enlisted the help of a pairs specialist to review our initial videos and got some great feedback. Unfortunately, we haven’t made much progress on the original spin so opted to try this upright spin where we are face-to-face and both of us are on backward inside edges. This type of spin seems to be easier for us to execute.

So here is our upright pairs spin for now. We are required to do 3 revolutions and are barely hitting that. We need to improve on this quickly since our test is coming up.

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