Skating Fridays

Injured Again

Well, here I am, injured again. Thankfully, my injury this time isn’t as bad as the torn meniscus that I suffered last year. I was skating last week and was doing a waltz jump when I felt a huge pain radiate down my quadriceps. I stopped to see what was wrong, and the pain was still there.

I took it easy over the next few minutes and then realized that I had pulled a muscle in my quadriceps. Ugh. I still had plenty of time left on my freestyle session so I decided to work on things that didn’t involve my injured leg.

I’ve been attempting to stretch it and allowing my leg to rest. It’s been two weeks, so I hope it heals soon.

My coach wanted me to skate in an exhibition this week, but I had to decline due to injury. It was definitely not a made up excuse!


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