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Funny Things My Coach Says

One thing that I appreciate about Coach B is her directness. She doesn’t beat around the bush and give me fluffy compliments. I’ve told her that if something looks wrong, then she needs to tell me so I can fix it. I don’t want to be treated any differently because I am an adult.

Coach often has funny things to say to me about my skating but I had to share this gem that she muttered during our lesson yesterday.

I was showing her the footwork from my new freestyle program when she called me over to the boards. “You look like you are skating with a loaded diaper and you’re trying not to any get on the ice.” OMG. I just started laughing.

I’m not sure if most coaches would have given that visual image of a loaded diaper, but it sure was funny. And yes, I got the point and made sure I corrected my mistake.

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