Skating Fridays

A New Dramatic Program 

I really admire artists who continue to reinvent themselves throughout their career (Madonna, Picasso, etc.). It’s wonderful when one is able to find ‘their style’ and stick with it. Me? I haven’t found my sweet spot yet in terms of my skating style or music.

We’ve tried lyrical (Piano theme from The Notebook), emotional (Angel by Sarah McLachlan), Broadway (Bring Him Home from Les Miserables), soundtracks (Star Wars melody), Top 40 (Uptown Funk from Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars), and others. While some of these pieces have been more successful than others, I haven’t identified my secret sauce yet.

So I thought I’d try to reinvent myself again this upcoming season and skate to something completely different for my dramatic program. I’ve cut the music already but have not begun the choreography yet. I’m excited to bring this music to life and see how I connect to it (and the audience).

Don’t worry, I will post a video when I’m ready to share it.

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