Skating Fridays

Double Salchow!

Double jumps have always been a dream of mine. I’ve always wanted to be able to land one cleanly in real life (I land triples and quads in my dreams… seriously). Coach B and I have been working on the double salchow in the harness for the past few weeks, and I also got to work on it at the adult skating seminar earlier this month.

The Olympic coach at the seminar said that I would land this jump when I was ready. Well, I was ready. More than ready.

I remembered all the tips that I learned, and I finally tried to apply them all. To my delight, I landed two of them in a row! Those of you who follow me on Facebook got the exciting news last weekend. Here is the video evidence!

Now I hope that I can maintain this jump and refine it so it is ready for competition.

In the meantime, I am over the moon that I landed this jump (albeit a little cheated)!


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