Skating Fridays

Visiting Other Rinks 

I’m not sure how many of you follow me on my Eva Bakes Facebook page (if not, you should!), but I have been doing some traveling for work this year.  I’ve flown with my skates and skated at 3 new rinks during my travels in 2016. I’ve posted photos from those rinks on my Facebook page and have thoroughly enjoyed skating in different venues across the country and meeting different skaters.

This week I am traveling again for work and have already pre-paid for freestyle ice at another rink. This particular rink’s ice is paid in a time block. I paid a set price for a 4-hour time block and can skate for any portion of it (or stay for the full 4 hours). Regardless of how much time I am there, I still pay the fixed amount. I have never encountered this type of practice ice before but find it intriguing. I hope to meet other adult skaters on this trip.

Do you travel with your skates?

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