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Change edge spins

About a year ago, Coach B introduced me to the concept of change edge spins. Although I understood the concept, my body did not want to cooperate. These were HARD. So naturally, I decided not to work on them.

Ever since I received a copy of the spin pyramid, I’ve been more motivated to try to check more of these off. Change of edge spins was a box that I was staring at and desperately wanted to complete. So I mustered up some courage, swallowed my pride, and restarted the process of learning these again.

I’ve only been working on these for a few days but have to say that they are must easier than I remembered. Don’t get me wrong – these are NOT EASY, but they are easier than the first few attempts I ever made.

If these continue to progress, then I’d love to graduate to a change edge camel spin. Sigh…

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