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Competition Weekend

I am competing this weekend so don’t have much to share with you all, but if you’d like to see how I’m faring, I’ll more than likely share early results on my Facebook page. This weekend will be the debut of my new freestyle program, and I am hoping it goes well and that I have a clean skate. It will be interesting to see how my scores end up, particularly since this is the first time I will be judged with the new -5 to +5 GOE system. Fingers crossed!

Here are my goals for the competition:

  • Stay in the present
  • Focus on myself (and myself only)
  • “Be one” with the music and use facial expressions
  • Full extensions on all jump landings and spin exits
  • Deep edges and adequate knee bends
  • Straight back and improved skating posture
  • Improved speed and clear transitions

Notice that I did not write down anything results-based. I’m still working on trying to change my mentality to not think about future outcomes and focus on staying in the present and things that I am able to influence and control.

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