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New spin combinations

In addition to the jump combinations, I’ve also been working on altering my spins to make them Level 2. In order to get credit for a Level 2 spin, a skater must achieve 2 “features” that are listed in the IJS guidelines.

My first spin is a plain sit spin with a cannonball position and then a back tuck. Both the cannonball and the back tuck are difficult variations that make it a Level 2 spin (sorry no video yet).

The second spin is a combination spin – a camel into a sit spin, back sit spin into a back pancake. I think this is only a Level 1 spin since I have the one difficult variation (the back pancake). I’m hoping for positive GOE (grade of execution) so I can gain points. Take a look here:

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

The final spin is a back sit spin that is entered from a forward inside three-turn (difficult entry), into a forward sit spin with a side leg variation (difficult position). If this one is performed well, it should be scored as a Level 2 spin.

 Level 2 back sit spin

All this talk about IJS levels and points makes my head hurt, so I just listen to what Coach B says to do. After all, Coach knows best, right?


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