Skating Fridays


I don’t recall if I ever told you all that my 4-year old is taking skating lessons. She knows the days I go skate and often asks to come along with me. She finally asked me for lessons one day and I was more than happy to enroll her.

I requested to have her favorite skater, Miss K, teach my daughter. The skating director was happy to comply, and I was thrilled that both Miss K and my choreographer are co-teaching the class.

So far, Addie has learned all the basics in her Snowplow Sam 1 class: how to fall down and get up (off-ice and on-ice), how to march in place and on the ice, two-foot glides, dips (in place and while moving) and backwards wiggles. The class is actually pretty advanced for a bunch of 4-year olds and have learned many skills from the next level.

To my delight, Addie has expressed interest in continuing to take lessons so I have signed her up for the next session. I even got her a pair of used skates, which she loves. I personally think that her favorite part of class is to boss her friends around (two of her classmates from school are also enrolled in the same skating class with her).

The coaches at the rink are thrilled that my mini-me has been skating. Let’s be clear: I have no expectations or goals for her – I just hope she enjoys the sport and continues to have fun.


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