Skating Fridays

We’ve Come A Long Way

Last week, we began the choreography for my new freestyle program. My choreographer had asked me to execute a few chunks of it for her to watch, and Coach B skated up to her. The two of them were making small talk as I was skating.

Coach B then said, “Your butt’s sticking out.”

I said, “I know. Give me a break. I just learned this choreography so cut me some slack here.”

She and I talked a bit later, and even though she was critiquing my posture, she said that she and my choreographer were actually complimenting me while I was skating. They talked about how my PCS had improved by 5 points over the year and that I was covering more ice with fewer strokes.

It was neat to be able to reflect back on my progress from just a year ago and see how far I’ve come.

Yes, there is still a lot of work ahead of me, but I’m ready for it. I believe that I just had my breakthrough season (with all the mental blocks and improvement in my skating skills). Hopefully this next season I will continue to break down more barriers and keep successfully climbing those mountains. I’ve got a good team to help me achieve my goals.

Thanks for taking this journey with me. You all are part of my team, and I appreciate your support and encouragement.

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