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Inside Axels

I’m still having trouble landing my axel without the 1/4 turn cheat. I’ve had some people watch me in person and others watch my videos. Most of them have said that the jump isn’t actually cheated that badly, but my ice tracings clearly show that I land with a “flag.”  It appears that I land not fully backwards and then exit out of my jump to cover up the cheat.

I’ve tried just about every on- and off-ice exercise to fix this, but nothing is working. My body just wants to open up and does not want to land backwards on my toe pick. It’s really frustrating.
Coach B had me try a new jump, which she just introduced to me. It’s called an inside axel, which I had heard of before but had never seen before she demonstrated it to me. You do an inside forward 3-turn but you take off as you’re going forward (and before you do the 3-turn; otherwise, it’s just a loop jump). You rotate 1 and a half revolutions and land backwards. So, it’s an axel, but starting on an inside edge, and on the “other” foot.

Confused yet?

Here is a video of my inside axels.

These are supposed to help train my body to pull in tight for a full rotation and land going backwards. You’ll see that my landings are slightly cheated, but this exercise is forcing me to have to pull in tight. My free leg is out to the side on purpose – Coach B tells me that is correct.

The inside axel looks scary, but it is actually quite fun. Have you tried this jump before? Or, have you seen anybody attempt this in a competition before?


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