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Analysis of my Axel and Double Axels on Land from Russian skaters

One of my coaches has been helping me analyze the issues with my double salchow attempts. I’ve been working on taking off with the traditional “h” position that seems to work really well with most skaters who are landing doubles.

While my takeoff is fine, I have a hard time “snapping” into the correct position while in the air – my rotating axis isn’t properly aligning so I’m landing forward in the jump.

Upon further analysis of my Axel, my coach mentioned that my technique, while not “classic” or traditional, works. In fact, it is the same technique used by many Japanese and Russian skaters. My free leg, rather than kicking up into an “h” position, goes into a “4” position, much like I am kneeing someone. Then it snaps down and behind into the rotating position. Oh, and I also tend to rotate on my toe for almost a half revolution before taking off into the air.

Coach then shared this video that has apparently been making the rounds online (I hadn’t seen it yet). It is a video of two Russian skaters executing double axels on land. If you watch the slow motion part, you’ll notice that these skaters also hit a “4” position rather than the traditional “h.” My coach said that this type of technique is actually good for efficient rotation so I shouldn’t change what I’m doing. Rather, we need to change my double salchow takeoff to match my Axel technique so that they are one and the same.

Here is the video of the Russian skaters executing double axels on land!

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