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A Funny Gold Medalist Story

I have a hilarious story to tell you about, and those of you who are skaters should appreciate the humor in this.

I attended a work conference last month when a new colleague of mine confessed something to me during the work-sanctioned happy hour (side note: the funniest things always happen at happy hour, right?). I had just met him for the first time, and he said that he was looking at my LinkedIn profile earlier that week. He noticed that in my ‘Accomplishments’ section, I listed that I was a Double Gold Medalist in figure skating.

You know where this is going, right? [snicker]

Once he read that line on my profile, he assumed that I was an Olympic gold medalist and proceeded to tell everyone at his office about how an Olympic gold medalist was going to be attending the conference and how I needed to be introduced as such.

He realized a few days later that I didn’t list Olympic on my profile so he must have jumped to the wrong conclusion. I laughed and told him that a US Figure Skating gold medalist is someone who has passed the highest disciplines in figure skating and that it had nothing to do with competitions. My Gold Medal was essentially earning a ‘black belt’ in two areas of figure skating (Moves in the Field and Free Skate).

He was quite embarrassed but thought that it was a laughable mistake. His teammates all laughed too, and we got a kick out of turning this into a good 10-15 minute discussion afterwards.

Have you ever had something like this happen to you?

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